Wireless: How To Secure Your Wireless Network

Malicious people don't target big and corporate wireless networks only. If you have a Wi-Fi network at home or in a small office, your network might be attractive also. Malicious people might consider using unprotected and weak protected networks as hubs for malicious and illegal activities. By using an unprotected or weak protected wireless network, they can attack credit cards systems and netbanks from your wireless network and then all the illegal activities seems to originate from your IP address and your home or small office.

Therefore, all wireless networks should be protected with encryption.

Minimum Protection

  • Use WPA or WPA2 encryption (not WEP encryption, it is proven to be unsecure and weak)
  • If your wireless network devices do not support WPA or WPA2, then use WEP with minimum 128 Bit, enable mac address filtering (available in most SOHO routers), and use VPN-based encryption whenever it is possible.


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