Googles new operating system: Chrome OS boots at 7 seconds

A start-up time of seven seconds and all data stored in the cloud, so they are safe, if you lose your computer. See video and pictures from Google’s own Chrome operating system OS, which can now be downloaded. Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS

Google has chosen to make the code available and thus invite the open source community and third party developers to contribute to development, which is great news.

Chrome OS is based on a Linux kernel, drivers, and user-land daemons. The kernel is said to be mostly stock except for a handful of patches that improve boot performance. On the user-land side of things are dramatic streamlined in relation to the init process so that only critical services are running by default. All of the user-land services are managed by Upstart from Ubuntu. By using Upstart it is possible to start services in parallel, re-spawn jobs that crash, and defer services to make boot faster.

Chrome OS can be downloaded here:


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